I am Cardayell

Software Engineer | Solution Engineer

Work Experience
Software Engineer
Sep 2021 – Jan 2024
  • Completed Python, Java, MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js internal trainings
  • Accustomed to changing projects and teams often and ramping up quickly
  • Trained in effective communication, data security, and current industry trends
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    Software Engineer (Contractor)
    Feb 2022 – Nov 2023
  • Developed software with Python and XML files for network management software used on systems of 500,000+ network devices, with 10+ different network device types
  • Cooperatively designed and developed features in agile and waterfall based teams
  • Worked with GIT source control along with Docker & Jenkins for automated testing
  • Added unit tests that addressed ~10% of missing testing code coverage
  • Resolved user reported defects relating to back-end and front-end components
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    Student Senior IT Technician
    Sep 2018 – July 2021
  • Daily troubleshooting with staff and students with IT issues through phone and online chat
  • Submission of completed/escalated issues into department wide ticketing system
  • Remotely connected to user computers to trouble shoot and solve issues
  • Performed training and communication to 12 in office IT technicians
  • Operated front desk of call center talking to university members in person and resolving their issues
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    Student Research Assistant
    Jan 2020 – May 2020
  • Worked with a small team under the Dean of Students to research factors that influence students’ sense of belonging at the university
  • Analyzed data in Excel and cooperatively produced a report that was presented to the university board of regents
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    B.S. Computer Science & Engineering
  • GPA of 3.7/4.0
  • Honors Degree
  • Math Minor | Business Administration Minor
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    Web application for live weather, traffic camera video, and department of transportation updates along a route
    Role: Software Developer and Lead Contact
    Team: Four other fourth year Computer Science majors

    Heavy snowfall, strong winds, and low temperatures are common during the winter in northern Nevada. Knowledge of relevant road conditions is vital for safe travel for drivers taking trips through these regions. This information is currently accessible through multiple different sources. SnowPass streamlines the gathering of road condition data and compiles it into one easy-to-use application. After choosing any two points in California or Nevada, SnowPass will show the best route then display route specific weather, live traffic camera video, and Department of Transportation Tweets, helping drivers stay safe and informed.

    SnowPass summary video (presented by me) and demo
    My Contribution
  • Cooperatively designed and programed front-end components
  • Led the team in presentation of the application to university staff and Reno community members
  • Communicated with California and Nevada departments of transportation and other leading inteligent transportation systems engineers
  • Used agile methodology with scrum and sprint planning, dynamically adapting to project requirements and restrictions
  • Implemented weather and X (formally known as Twitter) APIs
  • SnowPass-team
    Steel Bridge Inspection Robot
    Robot designed to inspect steel structures for defects or degrading materials
    Role: Business Analyst and Software Specialist
    Team: One other civil engineer and one other electrical engineer

    Steel bridge inspection robot developed at the Advanced Robotics and Automation (ARA) Lab at the University of Nevada, Reno. The robot can climb on different steel bridge structures and collect visual and eddy current data for inspection. The eddy current data senses deep within the steel to detect defects and deterioration. Visual maps are then generated to show the condition of the steel.

    Steel Bridge Inspection Robot pitch meeting
    My Contribution
  • Researched software components to be able to answer software related questions from potential stakeholders
  • Cooperatively analyzed viability and created potential business plan for a steel bridge inspection robot company
  • Analyzed potential share of market, serviceable available market, and total available market
  • Led meeting with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation discussing potential viability of robot use
  • About Me

    Early career Software Engineer working in the San Francisco Bay Area with experience in network technologies. Exploring options for domain specialization in the industry. Ideally heading towards smart city related technology development. Passionate about software and hardware innovations in civil infrastructure such as robotic structure inspection, city wide sensor networks, and other smart city technologies. Aspiration to one day transition into an administrative position in the tech industry but currently enjoying the engineering aspect of the field. Interested in entrepreneurship or startup opportunities.

    Professional Areas of Interest
  • Smart city technologies
  • A.I. created music
  • A.I. Rationale Generation
  • Robotics and human robot interaction (HRI)
  • Internet of things optimization
  • Photography

    I am a amateur photographer and my favorite types of composition are cityscape, landscape, and street photography. Here are some examples along with a link to my stock image profile.

    Lyrics Anotation

    A hobby of mine is transcribing and annotating song lyrics by giving the lyrics context based on what the artist has said about the song. I do this on Genius.com and annotating lyrics is where I first experienced markup, which eventually led to me exploring web design, then computer science.